ARTICLE I: Name and Mission

Section I: Name

The name of the committee is the Young Leaders Council. It will also be referred to as YLC. The YLC is a group of students that works directly with Best Buddies International.

Section II: Focus

The Young Leaders Council provides the student perspective for all Best Buddies International initiatives. Members of the council serve on committees focused on different aspects of Best Buddies involvement to maintain a steady connection between students and Best Buddies International. The council garners and synthesizes student feedback to present and develop student-driven ideas.

Section III: Purpose

A volunteer-driven force dedicated to the education, engagement, and empowerment of leaders in Best Buddies through peer-to-peer support and innovation.


ARTICLE II: Membership

Section I: Members

The YLC will consist of approximately 20 members. Members must be a current or past participant in a Best Buddies program. Individuals with and without IDD are encouraged to apply.

The Chair of the YLC will also serve as the Student Representative on the BBI Board of Directors.

Section II: Member Selection

Members shall be selected through an application process. Individuals who are interested in joining the YLC will submit an application to be reviewed by the current YLC. Selected applicants will be asked to complete an interview with the Chair of the YLC or his/her vice chairs.

Best Buddies staff may also nominate students they believe will be assets to the YLC. These nominees will be contacted by a YLC member and will be asked to join in the application process.

Section III: Application

Each individual interested in joining the YLC must fill out an application. This application is set in place by the current YLC and can be altered as the current council sees fit in order to meet their specific needs. The application will be sent to the entire YLC for revision prior to being released and will include questions concerning the applicant’s involvement in Best Buddies, leadership experience, and what they feel they can contribute to the committee and Best Buddies International as a whole.

Section IV: Term Limits

Members of the YLC will serve a maximum of 1 two year term, with the exception of the Chair of the YLC who will serve between 3 and 4 years. This depends on the term during which he/she is selected to be the Chair. Each term begins in July. Members of the committee are required to attend the Best Buddies Leadership Conference in July as a part of their term. Committee members can serve a maximum of two terms.

Section V: Evaluations

Members will complete a self-evaluation at the end of each year. They will also have a meeting with the Chair of the YLC every six months in order to ensure that each member is fulfilling their responsibilities.


ARTICLE III: Member Duties

Section I: Expectations

Active members are expected to attend in-person meetings at the annual Best Buddies International Leadership Conference and to participate in monthly conference calls. Members will be assigned to a committee, and must remain actively involved in committee work throughout the year.

Section II: Committee Appointments

Each member shall serve on a committee within the YLC and will submit their choice of committee based on their personal strengths and interests. The placement of member assignments will be determined by the YLC Chair and the Best Buddies International staff. The committees and their respective purposes are to be determined and defined by the members of the YLC.

Section III: Committee Duties

Chapter Development Committee

The Chapter Development Committee will focus on supporting the expansion of programs, while maintaining quality and integrity within Best Buddies chapters. This committee will emphasize connecting directly with state offices and educating them on the resources the YLC can provide. Members will also encourage innovation and collaboration between student leaders across the country to help them inspire each other to better their individual chapters.


Communications Committee

Members of the Young Leaders Council communications committee oversee many initiatives for both internal and external communication. We oversee a Kudos recognition system, a newsletter for the YLC that features committee updates and Kudos recognition awards.  In addition, we oversee all of the communication related aspects of the YLC including Twitter, Instagram and a soon-to-be developed YLC Facebook page.


Leadership Conference Committee

The Leadership Conference Committee will offer the participant perspective during the Leadership Conference planning process. Members of this committee will support Best Buddies staff with planning, programming, and incorporating feedback. This committee will also manage and coordinate the YLC members’ involvement and participation in Leadership Conference sessions and activities.


Education, Outreach, and Expansion Committee

The Education, Outreach and Expansion Committee informs Best Buddies members about the disability rights movement, encourages partnerships between chapters and outside organizations, and provides peer-to-peer support for leaders of expansion chapters.


YLC Development Committee

The YLC development committee focuses on creating student leadership groups to foster and develop relationships between like-minded Best Buddies participants. These groups will work to provide the student voice in the running of Best Buddies programs and initiatives in the hopes of creating positive change. The committee is divided into two sub-committees, state development and international development, which focus on creating student leadership groups within states and international regions respectively.


Section IV: Committee Structure

A committee chair shall be chosen to lead each of the YLC committees. This chairperson is to be chosen from returning members by the YLC Chair and current committee chair(s). The duty of a committee chair is to organize the structure of the committee and to communicate the decisions of the committee that he or she leads.


ARTICLE IV: YLC Chair Selection

Section I: Selection of Chair Elect

At the Leadership Conference initiating the second term of the current YLC Chair’s position, a Chair Elect will be determined. Current members of the YLC will nominate 1 person who they feel should be the next YLC Chair and the 3 nominees with the most votes will be interviewed by Anthony Kennedy Shriver. Mr. Shriver will consult the current YLC Chair on the nominees and ultimately select the Chair Elect.

Section II: Duties of Chair Elect

The Chair Elect will initially shadow the YLC Chair to learn how to effectively manage and organize the YLC. The Chair Elect will slowly assume more responsibilities and duties of the YLC during this training period.

Section III: Transition into Role as Student Representative on the Board of Directors

On January 1st, the Chair Elect will take over the position of Student Representative on the Best Buddies Board of Directors. The Chair Elect will serve on the Programs Committee and is responsible for participating in conference calls and other required activites.

Section IV: Transition from Chair Elect to Chair of the YLC

The Chair Elect will assume his/her role as Chair of the YLC at Leadership Conference.


ARTICLE V: Communication

Section I: Conference Calls

There shall be at least one all-YLC conference call every month. These calls will be coordinated and scheduled by the YLC Chair. Committee Chairs must schedule and coordinate committee conference calls/check-ins as needed.

Section II: In-Person Meetings

There shall be at least one in-person meeting of all YLC members every year, which will be held at the Best Buddies International Leadership Conference.


ARTICLE VI: Amendments

Section I: Amendment Process

There shall be an amendment process to allow flexibility for changes and adaptations in governing the YLC. Bylaws amendment sessions can be held at each Leadership Conference. If there is a request to amend a bylaw, the YLC chair shall call for a vote. A two-thirds vote must be met for an amendment to pass.


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