Interested in Starting a Student Council in YOUR State?

Having a council that is completely student run can have wide benefits to promoting Best Buddies initiatives throughout the state. They can be used as another source of volunteer power for events, such as the Friendship Walk, while also mobilizing a whole pool of young Best Buddies participants who are motivated, passionate, and available to help out in advancing the Best Buddies mission throughout the state.

Here’s a quick β€œhow-to”:

  1. Identify a potential chair of the council. This person would oversee and organize all members of your state council, while also being the communicator between the council and the state office, so that the state office is always kept in the loop. Ideally, this individual would also have been in Best Buddies for a number of years with experience in leadership, so most council chairs would be college program participants.
  2. Get the intended council chair in contact with the YLC state development team. We can help the chair in establishing a potential structure for the council, then the information can be relayed back to the state office. The chair can contact us at
  3. Establish a structure. This involves what kind of committees would be included. Some possibilities include an Advocacy, Chapter Outreach, Communication and Friendship Walk committees.


  • Begin recruiting student leaders as members of the council. Program managers may be helpful in identifying leaders with potential as council members, but they can also be found through social media and e-mail advertisements. There should also be an interview process before choosing individuals, which the YLC could also help the chair organize, if needed.


  • Keep in communication with the council chair to be able to benefit from the state council. This council will be run by students and will not require a large amount of involvement from the state office. The state office will receive e-mail updates and let the council know when they can use some extra help for state events.

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