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BBLC 2013 YLC Workshops

By popular demand, the YLC has compiled the resources presented by us at LC 2013 for you and your chapters to view at home!

Social Media – presented by Caitlin Tran and Connor Regan

Volunteer Recruitment – presented by Sophie Frank

Engaging Associate Members (College) – presented by Dani Warmund

Engaging Associate Members (High Schools) – presented by Kayla Fox and Katie Whitney

Long Distance Relationships (for chapters who are far from their PMs) – presented by Elizabeth Klinepeter – Presentation Transcript

College Fundraising 101 – presented by Ellen Holbrook and Zachary Curtis – Workshop Handout

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BBLC 2013- Our Inspiring Moments

LC 2013 may have been two months ago, but the memories have stuck with us! We were astounded by the amazing ideas shared and the immense number of student leaders in Indiana this year. As your chapters get back into the swing of things, make sure to keep the momentum strong and share the knowledge you learned at LC.

The YLC shares below their most inspirational moments from the conference:

“This year’s LC included a new session, the World Cafe, which allowed student leaders from around the world to join together in small groups to discuss the disability rights movement and our place as advocates and leaders in the movement.  I had the pleasure of facilitating two separate sessions, one with high school leaders and one with college leaders, and I was so incredibly inspired by the meaningful discussions that took place during each hour and a half session.  I don’t think there’s anything more inspiring than to take part in a conversation with 10 complete strangers from around the world who share the exact same passion and have so many wonderful insights and ideas of how to bring the disability rights movement to our local schools, communities, and the world.  I truly believe we will one day see a world where all people are accepted and included regardless of (dis)ability, and I know this because of the young leaders who inspired me so much during those sessions and throughout all of LC.” – Elizabeth Klinepeter


Elizabeth leading a World Cafe session.

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What’s Your Best Buddies Resolution?


As BBLC 2013 came to a close, we found ourselves doing something that normally doesn’t happen in July – writing New Year’s Resolutions!

We know what you’re thinking: “New Years in JULY? You silly YLC’ers… you’re about 6 months late on that one!” This may not be the start to a calendar year, but it’s the start of the Best Buddies year – and goals and resolutions were in order!

After Closing Ceremonies ended, over 1,700 student leaders, volunteers, and staff from Best Buddies International’s programs around the world made their way to the Alumni Hall to the annual Closing Dance which was themed this year as Best Buddies New Year’s! Accordingly, a wall of resolutions was started in which attendees were invited to write their Best Buddies Resolution for the coming year on a Post-It note to join a sea of colorful hopes for the future.

Below are a few standouts that caught my eye as we read over the hundreds.


“Interact with local chapters more ❤  Watertown, CT.”

“Join the YLC as a middle schooler”

Both of these hit close to home. At my first LC, I was amazed at the number of students with similar passions who were at the conference – and those were just the leaders of chapters! I realized then that I had previously been missing out on a huge opportunity, not to mention a wealth of knowledge, that I could have been utilizing. LC gave me the means to connect to other chapter leaders in my area and we began exchanging ideas and even planning events together. The second resolution filled me with a different kind of excitement. As a member of the first group on the YLC, the 11 new faces we were able to gain this year was an inspiring eye opener. We were able to hear new perspectives from all different walks of life and I know that expanding membership to include middle schoolers will be invaluable in the future to the YLC.

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BBLC 2013: Buddies Without Borders – A Review

The YLC had the pleasure of participating and helping lead BBLC 2013 last weekend. My good friend and fellow YLC member, Lindsey Eaton, shared the following about her time at this meeting of over 1,700 student leaders, volunteers, and staff from Best Buddies International’s programs around the world.

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Defining Friendship

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all as excited for LC 2013: Buddies Without Borders as I am!  I’ve been thinking lately about friendship and what that incredibly powerful word really means.  Friendship, after all, is really what our organization is all about.  I’ve compiled a list of quotations from notable people who I think sum it up far more eloquently than I ever could. Read More…

BBLC 2013: Only 17 Days Away!

Hi guys! My name is Fiona Hayden and I’m lucky enough to be one of the new members of the Best Buddies YLC! Cool, right?

Last year, I attended Leadership Conference representing my high school chapter. To say that the experience was life changing would be an understatement. From the time I got off the plane in Indianapolis everything was done in the true spirit of Best Buddies. For me, my favorite part of LC was being surrounded by people who share my passion for the Best Buddies mission. Read More…

BBLC 2013 Musings

Our excitement is growing pretty rapidly as we gear up for the 24th Annual Best Buddies Leadership Conference! BBLC is always a blast. As you may know, last year’s conference also marked our first time meeting as the Best Buddies Young Leaders Council. We finally got to hang out, attend meetings, and make new memories together!

My mind has been racing, thinking about all the fun we’re going to have this year as friends, new and old, and about all of the great work we are going to accomplish during our time together. I’ve also been spending a lot of time reflecting on our past year as a council and on the progress we’ve made, and I think it’s important both to celebrate how far we’ve come and to start dreaming about how much farther we can go! Read More…

What are you looking forward to most at LC 2013?

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