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2014 YLC Application!

Hello from the YLC!

We are so excited that the application for students interested in joining the Young Leaders Council has been released! The application is due THIS Friday, February 28th, so we wanted to provide some more information for anyone who may be interested!

We are looking for student leaders of Best Buddies programs that exemplify not only a passion for Best Buddies, but also exceptional leadership, organizational, and time management skills. The YLC is a group of motivated, hard-working students who are dedicated to the mission of Best Buddies. We encourage you to think about the opportunity to be a part of the YLC and how you would contribute to our initiatives and further development.

While becoming a member of the YLC is very honorable, it is also a big commitment. Members are required to serve on a committee where they must create and actively pursue both short term and long term goals. In addition, personal goals must be set and achieved during the term each student serves. Each committee holds at least one conference call a month as well as attends one YLC conference call every month. Members must remain active and show progress towards goals by submitting monthly updates. Finally, all YLC members must attend Leadership Conference while serving their two year term.

This is a very selective process so we ask that you please take this into consideration. We unfortunately cannot accommodate a YLC representative from every state, so we hope you keep this in mind.

If you are interested in this opportunity, we ask that you please contact your Program Manager! They have the link to the application and can talk with you more about the responsibilities that come with being a YLC member. We will review each application using a blind application reading process, meaning that we will remove all identifying information and score the applications solely on the responses to the questions and how they align with the values of the YLC. We will then determine the candidates that will move on to the interview round. Following interviews, Program Managers will be notified directly as to whether you were accepted to the YLC and they will inform you of the results.

Thank you so much for all that you do for Best Buddies and we look forward to reading all of the amazing applications! Remember, all applications are due THIS FRIDAY the 28th!

We would also like to share the story of one of our amazing YLC members and incredible leaders, Marina Haley. Below, she shares how being in Best Buddies and on the YLC has impacted her life. Thanks for sharing this with us, Marina!

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YLC Application Decisions

WOW! That’s all we have to say. We’ve spent a few weeks reading through all of the YLC applications, and we are ASTOUNDED. The caliber of the leaders in Best Buddies programs is out-of-this-world amazing. Our original plan was to contact all of the applicants with the interview decisions by the end of the day today. However, we need a few more days to come to a final decision. Therefore, please expect an email from us by the end of the day onΒ Monday, 3/18Β with the interview decision. We will be notifying applicants about whether or not they will be interviewing with us in the next round of the selection process.

Let me emphasize that ALL of the applications that we received were incredible. Choosing the interview candidates has been a very arduous and difficult task, and we are so thankful for everyone who took the time to apply and take interest in joining the YLC. Best Buddies would not be what it is today without the tireless work of individuals like you!

It’s YLC Application Time!

It is hard to believe that six months have gone by since our first YLC meeting at Leadership Conference 2012 – six months of hard work, dedication, and passion from our incredible YLC members. The time has come to expand our team to include more incredible young leaders in the Inclusion Revolution. We could not be more excited!

Interested in applying? Here’s everything you need to know: Read More…

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