Who We Are


Chapter Development Committee

The Chapter Development Committee will focus on supporting the expansion of programs, while maintaining quality and integrity within Best Buddies chapters. This committee will emphasize connecting directly with state offices and educating them on the resources the YLC can provide. Members will also encourage innovation and collaboration between student leaders across the country to help them inspire each other to better their individual chapters.
Sophie Frank (chair), Maeve Curtin, Cloe Moloney, Ellen Schleyer

Communications Committee

Members of the Young Leaders Council communications committee oversee many initiatives for both internal and external communication. We oversee a Kudos recognition system, a newsletter for the YLC that features committee updates and Kudos recognition awards.  In addition, we oversee all of the communication related aspects of the YLC including Twitter, Instagram and a soon-to-be developed YLC Facebook page.
Lindsey Eaton (co-chair), Andre Williams (co-chair), Noemi Reyes

Leadership Conference Committee

The Leadership Conference Committee will offer the participant perspective during the Leadership Conference planning process. Members of this committee will support Best Buddies staff with planning, programming, and incorporating feedback. This committee will also manage and coordinate the YLC members’ involvement and participation in Leadership Conference sessions and activities.
Fiona Hayden (co-chair), Zach Curtis (co-chair), Katherine Devine, Lyle Freeman

Education, Outreach, and Expansion Committee

The Education, Outreach and Expansion Committee informs Best Buddies members about the disability rights movement, encourages partnerships between chapters and outside organizations, and provides peer-to-peer support for leaders of expansion chapters.
Kaley Still (co-chair), Elle Holbrook (co-chair), Brook Hansel, Torri Marquis, Paige Randolph

YLC Development Committee

The YLC development committee focuses on creating student leadership groups to foster and develop relationships between like-minded Best Buddies participants. These groups will work to provide the student voice in the running of Best Buddies programs and initiatives in the hopes of creating positive change. The committee is divided into two sub-committees, state development and international development, which focus on creating student leadership groups within states and international regions respectively.
Julie Estrada (co-chair), Katie Whitney (co-chair), Anna Tramposch, Ruben Reyes



One Year:

  • Educate: Develop disability rights/advocacy resources for peer-to-peer distribution and training purposes
  • Engage: Develop infrastructure and support for inter-chapter and community collaboration and information sharing
  • Empower: Develop tailored support resources for chapters to enhance leadership development opportunities through social outreach.

Five Years:

  • Educate: Spark community activation through development and deployment of training and activism resources
  • Engage: Represent the full diversity of Best Buddies programs through a structure that supports integral international and state program involvement
  • Empower: Be a trusted resource/support system for leaders across Best Buddies programs
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