Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

On behalf of the YLC, I am happy to introduce the first of many blog posts to come from one of its sub groups: the Education Advocacy and Training Committee. Our goal is to contextualize Best Buddies in the larger Disability Rights Movement by providing resources, and educational pieces about the inclusion movement, as well as opportunities to educate others in our local communities. A small piece of this will be posting every month about a topic that is relevant to the Inclusion Movement on a national, or international level, as well as a call-to-action opportunity. Our first post is about a very important topic that affects millions around the world with steps for you all to take to make your voice heard!

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As we all know, Best Buddies is rich in the Disability Rights Movement; its first chapter created one year before the Americans with Disabilities Act. This huge piece of legislation is a hallmark in the American system that guarantees accessibility and equal treatment for people with disabilities. However, in many countries around the world, there is little to no equality for those people with disabilities. With no access to education and rights, while being ostracized by the rest of their culture, people with disabilities around the world are discriminated against to an extreme degree when compared to the United States. However, there is a treaty that is seeking to end all of that, and begin a whole new chapter of acceptance and empowerment to people around the world.

Currently the United Nations has created a treaty called the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). This treaty is modeled after the Americans with Disabilities Act and seeks to provide equal treatment, education, and opportunities for people with disabilities all around the world. Countries apart of the UN can ratify the constitution and will then be allowed a voice in future legislation and advocacy around the world in the equal treatment of people with disabilities.


This is a huge opportunity for the Best Buddies world as well as people who care about the inclusion movement to have a voice in international policy.

We urge you all to make a difference by telling your respective Senators to support the ratification of this treaty when it comes up for a vote.

On this website you can find your state Senators and their mailing addresses: Senators of the 113th Congress.

Then, copy and paste what is below with the appropriate names and mail it to your state Senators!

Dear Senator ____________,

My name is _______________ and I am writing to ask for your support of the U.N. Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

CRPD is an international disability treaty that recognizes the rights of people with disabilities.  It was inspired by U.S. leadership and currently has been ratified by more than 100 countries.

The Americans with Disabilities Act, which values independence, respect, and the vital concept of reasonable accommodation, was the model for CRPD and those concepts are echoed throughout the treaty. CRPD provides a vital framework for creating legislation and policies around the world that embrace the rights and dignity of all people with disabilities.

Please support CRPD and vote in favor of its ratification.



I urge you all to share this with your chapter members, friends, and state offices to show that people do care about this treaty in America, and make it known that Best Buddies’ members around the country are dedicated to the true empowerment of people with disabilities on a global scale. This is a perfect way to demonstrate our passion for this past year’s Leadership Conference theme, ‘Buddies Without Borders’. Together, we are able to achieve anything together that we put our minds to as passionate individuals who are apart of and believe in the Best Buddies movement.


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4 responses to “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”

  1. Izzy Hodge says :

    I would like to recommend that you call or email first the Senators in the Foreign Relations Committee and then all the other Senators. I don’t recommend letters because the Hearing is November 5th and it takes weeks for letters to get through Capitol Hill post office because of security. Please visit to ask questions, share what you’ve don’t to support the CRPD, let us know if you’re going to the Hearing, etc. We have lots of great information and resources for you to share with others! Also, visit to learn more! Other great informative blog is

    I hope to see you at the Hearing! We need a FULL room

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