October Fundraising Idea: Eat for a Cause!

The following post is brought to you by my fellow YLC member and good friend, Sophie Frank:

Fundraising is one of the hardest parts of developing your Best Buddies chapter, but it is also one of the most important, especially so when starting a new chapter. Many of us have pondered how to pay annual chapter dues, buy food for events, and find activities that our chapter can afford to do. The YLC wants to make this burden a bit easier by giving you fun, efficient, and profitable ideas each month on how you and your chapter can raise money!

Our October fundraising idea is to host a local restaurant night.


Hosting a local restaurant night is an often overlooked but really accessible way to get both your community involved and make the big bucks.

The idea is that you approach restaurants or groceries stores in your community and ask them to donate 10% (or whatever percentage they’re willing to give) of their profits on a designated night for your cause in exchange for encouraging supporters to eat or shop there. It’s a win-win for everyone; you get a percentage of their profits and they get customers who appreciate their community involvement. Make sure to spread the word about the event so that it can be strongly attended by your supporters! Many establishments will require the participants to mention your chapter to them at the time of purchase in order for them to count towards your event so make sure to notify your supporters on whatever arrangement you have with the business.

It can be intimidating to approach local businesses, but people are willing to help in some way more often than you may expect. Try to target restaurants that are popular among students at your school, so that people will be more inclined to attend the event. When you go to talk to someone in the restaurant, simply ask them if they offer anything along these lines and make sure you give them a good pitch about what Best Buddies is so they are clear that it is reputable and a worth-while organization. Bringing your Buddy or even pictures of past events would be a great way to show them what we’re all about! Presenting them with a proof of non-profit form can also be helpful.  The Best Buddies 501(c)(3) letter can be found here.

Once you find the right place and time, spread the word to your supporters and get ready to bring in money as well as have an awesome night of fun with all of your Best Buddies pals! With every bite of delicious food, you’ll be making money for your chapter!


About Caitlin Tran

Student leader from sunny SoCal. Get in contact with me @BestBuddiesYLC!

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