September Event Idea: 3 Easy Steps to Hosting a Successful Event

Now that your school year is off to a great start, recruitment for your Best Buddies chapter was super successful, you hosted a fabulous call out meeting, and the matching process is in full swing – it’s time to talk about EVENT PLANNING!

Whether you’re days or weeks away from your match party, it’s never too early to start planning and making sure everything is in line for the first event (or better yet, all the events for the semester)!  Nothing is more exciting than being a part of and watching Best Buddies friendships that grow and flourish throughout the year, and hosting a successful event is a key way to make sure that happens.

So that brings us to our 3 easy steps to hosting a successful event:

Step #1 – The Pre-Event Phase:

  • Meet with your officer team to come up with an event idea (be on the lookout for specific monthly event ideas on our blog throughout the year!).  At this meeting set up a date and time for the event, make sure the event fits in your budget, reserve the location for the event, discuss supplies (food, games, crafts, etc.) that need to be purchased for and/or brought to the event, discuss specific activities that will take place at the event, and discuss any other logistical issues surrounding the event.

  • If your school requires it, make sure to communicate with your student activities board or administration to have the event approved ahead of time.

  • Communicate all information about the event to your host site and your buddies, their families, and/or their staff.  Ensure that all buddies and students have transportation to the event, and begin coordinating this as needed.  Also communicate event information to your PM, so she/he stays in the loop!

  • Send out emails, texts, facebook messages, etc. to club members each time a new date is set, as well as reminder(s) in the days leading up to the event.

  • Again, coordinate among your officers who will be bringing what supplies the week leading up to the event.  Make sure everything is ready to go when event day arrives!

Step #2 – The Day-Of Event Phase:

  • Be sure club officers/members are at the event site early to set up (and greet any early arrivals!).

  • Bring a playlist to plug in during the event – who doesn’t love fun background music (or impromptu dance parties)?!

  • Have the room/facility set up as needed for the event.  Even if the event is an active one, consider having an area with seating set up in case anyone wants a break or just wants to hang out.

  • Have alternative activities ready to go for those who may not want to participate in the “main” event – you can never go wrong with an assortment of games and crafts!

  • Have a designated food area if you will be serving snacks at your event.  Consider having associate members on hand to help pass out food.

  • HAVE FUN!  Go with the flow and be ready for an event full of fun!

Step #3 – The Post-Event Phase:

  • Clean up after the event and make sure all supplies get back to storage (or wherever they need to be).

  • Send a follow-up message to club members thanking them for attending and for making the event so successful!  Also be sure to thank any other clubs, organizations, or people that helped to make the event a success.

  • Set up your next officer meeting and start planning for the next event!

One successful event from the author's chapter: Notre Dame's Best Buddies chapter collected more than 3,000 signatures for their Spread the Word to End the Word campaign!

One successful event from the author’s chapter: Notre Dame’s Best Buddies chapter collected more than 3,000 signatures for their Spread the Word to End the Word campaign!

We hope you found these steps helpful and we’d love to hear from you!  What steps to creating an awesome event have worked in your chapter?  Tweet us your ideas @BestBuddiesYLC!

Again, be on the lookout for AWESOME monthly event ideas throughout the year!  Until next time, happy event planning! 🙂


One response to “September Event Idea: 3 Easy Steps to Hosting a Successful Event”

  1. Shelby says :

    Great tips!

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