September Fundraising Idea: Letter Drives

From the YLC to your chapter: welcome back to school! Now that we have all gotten through our first few days or weeks and have begun our plans for what this year holds for our Best Buddies chapters, it’s time to consider something very, very important –FUNDRAISING!

We know LC 2014 seems like ages away, but the sooner you start raising money for chapter dues, the less you will have to worry as the summer approaches!
With so much on your plate in the very beginning of the year, think about doing a simpler fundraiser that does not involve a lot of prep-work. With that being said, the fundraiser suggestion for September is a LETTER DRIVE!

Who doesn't love getting mail?!

Who doesn’t love getting mail?!

Letter drives are a great and easy way to raise money quickly without having to do too much work. Here are the steps for putting together a simple, yet
effective letter drive for your chapter:

1. Write a letter explaining what Best Buddies is, some of the things your
chapter does throughout the year, and what any donation will be going
to. Think about including an anecdote from a buddy about how Best
Buddies has impacted them. Finally, come up with a recommended
donation amount that you hope to receive ($5 – $20). You can also leave
this part open to the person making the donation. Remember, you can
draft this letter however you think will be most successful. Be sure to
visit for resources regarding donation

2. Print 1 or 2 copies of the letter for every member of your chapter and ask
that each member send it to someone they know. This can be anyone –
family and friends are good people to start with.

3. Be sure to include an addressed envelope in the letter so that the
donation is returned to the right place!

4. Collect donations.

Some other things to consider would be:

-whether or not you want to provide stamps and envelopes to the members
of your chapter sending out the letters

-if you want to collect the addressed letters from the members of your chapter to send out all at once and to make sure that everyone is sending out a letter

-if you request donations from anyone throughout the year to not ask them multiple times

If you do a letter drive, let us know how it goes for you by tweeting us @BestBuddiesYLC. Got tips or ideas? Please share them with us, too!

Happy fundraising!


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