What’s Your Best Buddies Resolution?


As BBLC 2013 came to a close, we found ourselves doing something that normally doesn’t happen in July – writing New Year’s Resolutions!

We know what you’re thinking: “New Years in JULY? You silly YLC’ers… you’re about 6 months late on that one!” This may not be the start to a calendar year, but it’s the start of the Best Buddies year – and goals and resolutions were in order!

After Closing Ceremonies ended, over 1,700 student leaders, volunteers, and staff from Best Buddies International’s programs around the world made their way to the Alumni Hall to the annual Closing Dance which was themed this year as Best Buddies New Year’s! Accordingly, a wall of resolutions was started in which attendees were invited to write their Best Buddies Resolution for the coming year on a Post-It note to join a sea of colorful hopes for the future.

Below are a few standouts that caught my eye as we read over the hundreds.


“Interact with local chapters more ❤  Watertown, CT.”

“Join the YLC as a middle schooler”

Both of these hit close to home. At my first LC, I was amazed at the number of students with similar passions who were at the conference – and those were just the leaders of chapters! I realized then that I had previously been missing out on a huge opportunity, not to mention a wealth of knowledge, that I could have been utilizing. LC gave me the means to connect to other chapter leaders in my area and we began exchanging ideas and even planning events together. The second resolution filled me with a different kind of excitement. As a member of the first group on the YLC, the 11 new faces we were able to gain this year was an inspiring eye opener. We were able to hear new perspectives from all different walks of life and I know that expanding membership to include middle schoolers will be invaluable in the future to the YLC.


“Establish full support for the regional and expansion chapters”

“To make everyone in our chapter feel valued! BB ROCKS!!!”

A new development that I am proud to announce that came out of this year’s LC was the addition of the Regional Chapter Support Committee of the YLC! One of our goals this year will be to find out how to best aid regional and expansion chapters in their operations. The second resolution pictured is something that I have also always supported and fully agree with!


“Teach my officers what I’ve taken away from here. Inspire my school as a whole, and show just how much of a difference can be made. Be a continuous and positive role model + leader and, most importantly, friend to all those around me ♡”

“Challenge myself to question societal norms!”

LC is always one of the most anticipated events on the Best Buddies calendar but, in many cases, not everyone who’d like to can attend. Bringing back home everything taught along with the inspiration and excitement of LC can invigorate your chapter for a great start to a new year.  On a similar note, LC can also bring new things to you – questions you’ve never thought of or ideas you’ve never realized. Keeping an open mind leaves room for personal growth and improvement.


“To make inclusion the norm.”

“Enseñemos a no excluir, así no estaremos hablando de inclusión”

(Translation:  Teach to not exclude, that way we no longer have to talk about inclusion.)

This first statement may seem simple, but I actually think this is what Best Buddies boils down to. We all work to fulfill the official Best Buddies Vision – to put Best Buddies out of business. When we are no longer necessary and inclusion is the norm is the day we work toward. The second statement actually confused me at first and made me call up a friend of mine who coincidentally was the former CP of my high school Best Buddies chapter and is also fluent in Spanish. The two, surprisingly, had a common theme- inclusion. I was also extremely excited in the fact that calling a translator was even necessary. Best Buddies now operates on 52 different countries and I can’t wait to see where we expand to next.


“A Leader is a leader by the number of leaders he creates – Ismail Osman, Egypt”

“2013 – 2014 – Advocate the Inclusion Revolution and that it shouldn’t hurt to be different! ♡, Claire & Christine”

“Get inspired – explore the treasure inside u. Be what ur ♡ – Sara Sedky, Egypt”

Continuing with the trend of international participation, I found these two from conference attendees who made the trek to Indiana all the way from Egypt! LC not only brought me together with local chapters but I also was able to learn from and meet individuals from around the globe which was quite fitting to the theme of LC this year-  Buddies without Borders!

These last three together, however, really summed up the amazing weekend we call BBLC – leadership, inclusion, and inspiration. I wish all these chapters the best of luck in fulfilling their goals and applaud them for their dedication and efforts! 

What are your Best Buddies resolutions for the coming year? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @BestBuddiesYLC!

In friendship,

Caitlin Tran


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One response to “What’s Your Best Buddies Resolution?”

  1. John David Arroyo says :

    I’m obsessed with this post! I wish I would’ve seen this at the dance. The 2013-2014 school year is going to be AMAZING thanks to your leadership. I can’t wait to see all the cool things that will be shared!

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