BBLC 2013 Musings

Our excitement is growing pretty rapidly as we gear up for the 24th Annual Best Buddies Leadership Conference! BBLC is always a blast. As you may know, last year’s conference also marked our first time meeting as the Best Buddies Young Leaders Council. We finally got to hang out, attend meetings, and make new memories together!

My mind has been racing, thinking about all the fun we’re going to have this year as friends, new and old, and about all of the great work we are going to accomplish during our time together. I’ve also been spending a lot of time reflecting on our past year as a council and on the progress we’ve made, and I think it’s important both to celebrate how far we’ve come and to start dreaming about how much farther we can go!

When Erica, K, and I first started thinking about the Young Leaders Council, we had really high hopes and big expectations. The three of us have been involved in Best Buddies in various capacities through the years, and have all noticed the potential for revolutionary young people to affect change and add valuable experience to the conversations taking place surrounding inclusion, respect, and friendship.

I am happy to report that the young leaders we have gotten the chance to get to know and learn from have absolutely exceeded all of our hopes and expectations. They have big hearts, critical minds, and exciting ideas, and I am certain they will continue to shape the future of the organization we all know and love!

This all being said, there is so much more work to do. The more we learn, the less we know. The more we talk about issues like bullying in schools, the more work we realize needs to be done! I say this simply to remind us all that we have been given an amazing opportunity to put our young minds together to make lasting and widespread change in our communities!

As you prepare for a weekend of fun in Indiana with us and all of your Best Buddies friends, keep this in mind: you have the power to make a huge difference, and, on top of that, you have hundreds of people around you ready to support you in your work. Pretty amazing! Now, let’s go BBLC and get to world-changin,’ folks!



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